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Getting all crafty up in this mother

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From my addiction to stumbling I have become hooked on bookmark folders- I’m gonna assume no definition is needed on what that is.  I have a folder for travel/home, being crafty, cooking, my broken jaw, grad school, being fit, biking, clothes, for classes…in a nut shell, there is one for every aspect of my life.  Today, being the lazy child I am, I sat with cup of tea at the ready and clicked my stumble button till my finger went numb.  It is 77 out, sunny, with a clear blue sky. Who am I?


As I stumbled away, I hit a magical craft site.  I am a sucker for crafts- and I don’t mean like hand paper turkeys, more house decorations or cool knick knacks I can make.  click away on the links….I won’t lie, I squealed a few times.

—–My top finds—–

totes making these after I finishing writing this

I am def making this too. such a cool idea!

and this. I can’t wait to hang this up once I make it.

I’ve always wanted to make these.

such a cool idea

yes, I will make these too.


—–some other favorites——



craft away!!!




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An avid biker in the beautiful city Boston, I have forged my way through college by breathing in art, food, and a good laugh. Priding myself on being dedicated to my craft, level headed and strong willed I anxiously awaited my last summer in Boston. My will to survive and overcome defeat, was put to the test this April when I took a nasty spill off my bike, Nate, and am spending my summer repairing the damages. To help myself pass the time, I began nommingonlife. This blog is not meant to inspire (if it does, that's great), or lecture (I prefer to be taught) but to save me, and a few teeth along the way.

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